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Christmas Joy 365 Days a Year!

I am sitting here after Christmas feeling a little on the 'down' side. I don't know about you but after all of the hoopla of Christmas, it can feel a little depressing. Yes, Hallmark movies are still playing, but everything is coming to an end. The lights will be taken down soon, all the presents have been unwrapped, the kids have gone back home, and the magic of the season is fading. It seems that the day after Christmas the music stops, the glow radiating from people's homes disappears, and even the sweet aroma from the ovens begin to fade. As I am contemplating when to take the tree down, I look over at a small little pillow outlined with green branches and red holly berries. Written in the middle of the pillow is 'Christmas Joy'. I am reminded that Christmas joy isn't something we celebrate for two months out of the year. This joy came to us as a baby to become the Savior of the world for all of time. The joy we feel at Christmas time isn't something to be saved for a certain time of year.

We send cards, bake cookies for the neighbors, donate money to charity, and buy presents for a needy family because it's Christmas. This brings us joy. What if we carried out some of these things after December 25th? Could we make a meal for a family, or give a waitress a very large tip? Couldn't we encourage someone with a simple note, or call (not text) someone on the phone just to talk? When we engage in giving of ourselves, and our time and talents, it brings us joy. Jesus is our source of joy. James 1:17 states, "Every good and perfect gift is from above." Because He came to bring us a most wonderful gift, the gift of eternal life, we can experience true joy. This joy then spills over to others. It's because we have this joy we want to share and spread kindness to people. Christmas doesn't have to end on December 25th. As Eddy says in the movie, 'Christmas Vacation', "That's the gift that keeps on giving Clark." Christmas is not over. Jesus is still alive and we can still celebrate Him and experience joy all year-round. Psalm 118:24, "This is the day that the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

What do you plan to do today to celebrate the joy of Jesus? I plan to reach out to an old friend who hasn't been able to come to church in a really long time. I would love to hear what you are doing. Please leave a comment and feel free to forward this blog. Let's share our Christmas Joy with others today!

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for reminding me that you are here for all of time. You didn't just come here for us to celebrate one day of the year. Thank you for showing me what true joy is really all about; it's knowing you! Thank you for the Holy Spirit who gives me ideas of how I can share your joy. Lord, continue to bless me and grant me wisdom to fulfill your plan for me. Amen.

Bible Verse:

Philemon 1:7 " Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord's people."

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